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Welcome Casino Bonus

Welcome bonuses are a way for casinos to welcome their new customers and show them everything the casino has to offer. Welcome bonuses refer to various casino bonuses, usually bonus packages, offered by the casino upon registration. Welcome bonuses can include everything from play money to free spins depending on the casino, and different bonus percentages.

Best casinos with welcome bonuses

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In this article, we’ll go through what all the different welcome bonuses can be found in the market and what to consider when receiving and playing them. At the same time, of course, we will find out what the best welcome bonuses consist of and where they can be accessed.

When you become a member of online casinos, you want to take advantage of the benefits immediately. If they were not available, it would be difficult to entice players to register as members of the sites. Usually, the first benefit is the bonus money that is received after the first deposit. It can also be obtained from the next few deposits. There are still free spins on top of the bonus money, so it can be a full welcome pack.

Top welcome bonuses

The welcome bonuses offered to new members are not the same, although almost every online casino then offers bonus money. They differ from each other e.g. the deposit rates and the bonus money they contain the largest quantities. The overall amount is 100%, but many online casinos may want to stand out properly from others and offer up to several hundred percent deposit bonus. But if then the limit is quickly met, a lower percentage and a higher bonus amount may be of more interest to new members. This is an exact hustle and therefore a wide variety of amounts are seen in this context.

Before taking advantage of the welcome pack, you should first find out the terms and conditions of the bonus. They, too, differentiate the benefits of a new member of different online casinos, even though they are not the most prominent parts of them. These are usually subject to some sort of recycling condition. It may not exist at all or it may even be several dozen times.

The number means that the deposit and the bonus money must be recycled to a prescribed number of times, before the gains of them can be withdrawn. There may also be a limit to the amount of withdrawal. Then, when the profits are repatriated, all parts in excess of it will be void.

What are welcome bonuses?

Welcome bonuses are indeed a way for casinos to both attract new customers as well as welcome them to the casino. Welcome bonuses really fall into many different categories and today’s trend seems to be that different types of bonuses will appear a little different and casinos will come up with the most unique offers to attract new customers.

However, there are some proven bonus models that most casinos prefer. These traditional bonus types are also popular with players and that is why they are full of the internet. In the following, we go through the most traditional welcome bonuses. Some of them are more common than others and are also very suitable for different types of players.

Deposit bonus

Welcome bonuses distributed in the form of a deposit bonus require the player to make a deposit in addition to registration. Bonus play money is automatically credited to the game account when the deposit is made. There are many different types of deposit bonuses per se, and the size of the bonus percentage is particularly noteworthy. The most common deposit bonus percentage is 100%, which doubles the money you deposit into your game account. You also see a lot of 150% deposit bonuses, a little less often 200% bonuses, but they are also admirably available. 300% and 400% welcome bonuses are a rarity that not every casino offers.

All deposit bonuses have both a minimum and a maximum deposit, so endless money from deposit bonuses cannot be milked, but hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of euros nonetheless. Especially for high percentage deposit bonuses, you should carefully read the bonus terms, which determine what is required of a player in terms of using the bonus money.

The terms and conditions indicate, for example, redemption requirements that may be quite high in some high percentage bonuses. The deposit bonus is one of the most common forms of welcome bonuses and is also quite popular among players as it often does not require a large deposit but still gets a lot of bonus money.

Deposit bonus packages are sometimes built on bonuses that you get for several different deposits. At some casinos, you get a deposit bonus for up to the first five deposits. Each of these bonuses is built in its own way and offers benefits that can only be obtained with that deposit. However, these so-called Reload bonuses do not mean that they should all be accepted. Even if the welcome bonuses are made on the first five deposits, you can still deposit, for example, only once and simply ignore the remaining bonuses. Nothing obliges you to deposit more. So the Reload bonus has no disadvantages compared to the regular deposit bonus, just a pile of extras.

Welcome bonus no deposit

Free to enjoy the fun are the surest way to attract players to the casino just to try their casino games portfolio. The most skeptical players will gladly receive free deposit free spins or free money. The best part, of course, is that there is no obligation to make a deposit after playing them. If the casino is not one reason or another have been to your liking, can pack things and move on to the next.

Welcome bonuses are often behind the deposit, but it is quite possible to get our free deposit during registration. It’s just that you have to dig a little bit into the casino’s bonus selection. The welcome bonus without a deposit is most commonly a pile of free spins upon registration. In the best case, these free spins can also be recycled free so you can get even withdraw your winnings you collect bonuses right away. Such deposit and recycling free Free Spins are a real treat that you should definitely take up when it hits you want.

The dream situation, you will get the same casino still a decent deposit bonus. No Deposit Welcome Bonus worth almost invariably make use of, as long as the conditions do not require players to sell his soul or something else questionable.

How big are welcome deposit bonuses?

There is no stone formula for how big the welcome bonuses are, namely they can be found both smaller and larger. The only variation is not how big the actual bonus amount you get in your game account. Namely, the bonus percentage also varies, and of course it determines how big the bonus is in relation to the amount you deposit. At their highest, bonuses are up to thousands of euros. Of course, such an offer also requires investing your own money in a slightly bigger hand, but if you are willing to do so, you can end up playing for really large sums.

The size of the bonuses should be assessed through your own situation, do you want the largest possible welcome bonuses without a deposit? Or maybe a high percent deposit bonus? Or possibly a welcome bonus with a slightly lower bonus percentage but also lower redemption requirements? These are things to think about, and not just focus on how many euros will be spilled into your gaming account with the welcome bonus.

Can I withdraw a welcome bonus from casino account?

While the idea of ​​withdrawing free money from a gaming account to a bank account certainly sounds extremely tempting, we can say at the outset that, unfortunately, that is not the case. Of course, you can withdraw your winnings with bonus money, but before that, the bonus money must be played at the casino and some other conditions must also be met. Sometimes, casinos distributed free money to players with the idea that players could explore the casino’s range of games but it was different.

The money disappeared into the pockets of the players on that smooth road and was not played in the casino as the idea was. This, over time, caused casinos to change their offers so that the money they distributed was specifically free play money that had to be used, well, to gamble.

So when you receive deposit bonuses, you have to meet various conditions before you can cash out the winnings you want with them. For this reason, it is extremely important to always read through all the terms and conditions before accepting the bonus, otherwise there may suddenly be surprises ahead of you that you were not prepared for.

The terms and conditions define, for example, the bonus redemption conditions and in which games the bonus can be used. Free money cannot automatically play any game, but can be set to apply to, for example, a certain type of game or even individual games (as free spins often are).

Why play with welcome bonuses?

Welcome bonuses are a great way to get to know the casino’s selection of games and get an idea of ​​what kind of casino it is. At most casinos, you can play for free with the ‘play for fun’ feature. This allows you to try and explore different games without having to invest any money in the games. Playing for free is quite an entertaining thing, and it’s enough fun for a moment if not another. What rots in gaming for fun is that you can’t win real money that way. When you play with play money, the winnings are not real either.

This is where the welcome bonuses come into play. When you play with bonuses, you don’t play with your own money but on the other hand you can still win in exactly the same way as when you play with the money you deposit yourself. Welcome bonuses are real money wherever deposits are made, and therefore that jackpot may be hit with the same amount of bonus money. Welcome bonuses are a great way to get up and running with a new casino without the stress of losing your own money.

In many casinos, the lowest deposit amount to receive the bonus is relatively small, so a large investment is not required to get a nice starting cash to the game account. If we are asked, when registering for a new casino, it is not worth first just making a huge deposit and then wondering what exactly can be found here? Make a reasonable deposit, explore the casino selection with bonus money and then decide if you want to deposit more.